• Is the Hype Worth It?: Vitamin Infusions

    Is getting a vitamin infusion no different to getting a luxurious facial or massage?

    We explore this question throughout the article, to help you decide for yourself whether rolling up your sleeve for one is worth the hype.

  • High-Stress Environments: The Power of Emotional Regulation

    How you handle stress and pressure can make all the difference to personal and professional outcomes. Emotional regulation isn't just about staying calm in a storm; it's about wielding real power and respect, irrespective of your title. Think Jacinta Arden and Satya Nadella, who exemplify mastery in Emotional Regulation. This article explores why you need to master your emotional regulation skills and how to do it.


  • Elevate Your Winter: A Guide to Navigating Seasonal Stress with Resilience

    As the winter season nears its end, you may be experiencing heightened feelings of seasonal stress, fatigue, and the desire for a brighter outlook as we all anticipate the coming spring. Can winter be over already? Almost! But as we're on the home stretch, find out practical hacks to cope with the remaining challenges of winter.
    Actionable strategies to overcome the winter blues.
  • The Dark Side of Success: Unleashing the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for High-Performing Professionals

    Are you a fan of chocolate? Your dark, guilty treat, may be more than just a pleasure. Unlock the hidden secrets and your untapped potential with chocolate, right here during this bite-sized chocolate trip.

  • Collaborations, Friendships, and Benefits: How to Improve Your Health and Career Through Social Connections

    There is a seemingly endless list of benefits by having friends in your life. And it’s not just health. It’s work and career as well. But as an adult, how do you make and maintain these friendships? Even if you’re not a social butterfly, we’ve outlined exactly how you can brush up on your social skills and make those.
  • From Brain Fog to Brilliance: How Your Gut Controls Your Mind

    That feeling, we've all had it - right down in the gut! And it can tell us more than we think.   CSIRO found that 50% of Australians experience gut...
  • Mindful at Work: The Key to Reducing Stress and Boosting Productivity

    You're at work, with a seemingly endless stream of emails, meetings, and deadlines. Being overwhelmed, you join the 70% of Australians who experie...
  • Creativity - The Science Behind Your Secret Weapon

    Feeling Stuck in Your Creative Process?

    You're not alone! Especially when faced with a difficult challenge or problem, it's not uncommon to struggle to find innovative solutions. However, it's important to remember that creativity is not a finite resource, and there are many strategies we can use to break through creative blocks and unleash our problem-solving potential. We have listed our top eight here.

  • From Fake It to Make It: How Smiling Can Boost Your Mood

    The International Day of Happiness is a reminder to allow happiness into our lives every day. But how do you let that sunshine in? And does it work even if your smile is fake? Find out the bridges between your body, mood, and even intelligence. Unlock the power of happiness.
  • Sugar 101: Understanding the Different Types of Sugars and Their Impact on Your Health

    Experimenting with sugar and sweeteners? Confused? Learn about different types of sugars, their impact on health, find out how to decipher confusing "no sugar" labels and choose the right type of sugar depending on your needs. With the right knowledge, you can make informed choices about your sugar intake and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

  • The Power of Genuine Compliments: Building Stronger Well-Being and Social Bonds

    Complimenting someone can have a powerful impact on their well-being. Research has shown that it can increase dopamine production, boost self-esteem, and reduce stress. But we can all tell if a compliment is genuine or contrived. Here is our recipe for giving the best compliments and making better social connections.
  • Top 5 Tips To Maintain Mental Energy And Motivation Throughout Summer

    It's been around 6 weeks since most of us returned to the office.

    Are you struggling to maintain mental energy and motivation throughout the summer? It can be a challenge to stay motivated and energized when the temperatures are high and the days are long, but there are a few strategies you can use to keep your mental energy and motivation levels up. Here are five of our top tips for staying motivated and energized during the summer months. Increase your heart rate with cardio and/or meditation, avoid sugary products, get some fresh air, change your environment, and lower your caffeine intake. With the right strategies and a little bit of effort, you can make the most of the summer season and stay motivated and energized.