Unlock your Senses
Unlock your Senses
Unlock your Senses
Unlock your Senses

Unlock your Senses

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See. Feel. Experience.

Most of us go about our usual daily life without noticing just how much we can pick up on through just our sense of smell, alone.  An underestimated power, our sense of smell is not only a trigger for memory but even influences behaviour and preferences.

During this interactive, hands-on workshop you will discover:

  • Methods to Enhance your senses
  • Perfumeur Secrets
  • How to make perfume
  • Blend your own scent
  • Plant-based
  • All ingredients provided
  • Alcohol-free
  • Chemical-free

Sessions range from 45 minutes, 90 minutes, to 3 hours +

Please note, sessions must be booked min. 4 weeks in advance to ensure all materials are available to run this in-person Masterclass.

Pricing Options and Booking Dates available will be confirmed with you via email. No Payment Charges will apply until you confirm your booking.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us here


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