Immersive Tea Botanicals Masterclass

Immersive Tea Botanicals Masterclass

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Tea, Ancient Comfort and Medicine

Enjoyed by many as a comfort drink, tea is a potent botanical, containing many beneficial properties, some of which are not commonly explored.

In this interactive, hands-on workshop you will discover and be immersed in:
  • Tea Origins & Benefits
  • Teas vs Infusions
  • Maximising Botanical Properties
  • Premium Botanical Teas
  • Common Tea Ingredients
  • D.I.Y. Blending
  • Tea Ceremony / Meditation
  • Easy Wellness Hacks

Sessions range from 45 minutes, 90 minutes, to 3 hours +

Please note, sessions must be booked min. 4 weeks in advance to ensure all materials are available to run this in-person Masterclass.

Pricing Options and Booking Dates available will be confirmed with you via email. No Payment Charges will apply until you confirm your booking.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us here


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