Matcha Awakening Truffles

Matcha Awakening Truffles

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Luxury little health sweets with a bright, earthy flavour and notes of sweetness together with the creaminess of cashews makes a smooth and balanced uplifting treat.

Matcha, known for antioxidants and calming, awakening properties.

Mucuna, known to stimulate release of dopamine.

Maca, known to boost memory, and overall mood.


Perfect to use for :

-  banishing Mid-morning / Mid-afternoon Slumps

-  reducing Sugar cravings

-  quick pre-workout snack


Gluten free. Vegan. No cane sugar. 100% Natural. 



almonds, malted rice syrup*, cashews, xylitol, Camelia Sinensis powder (Matcha)(1.3%), Mucuna Pruriens powder (Dopa Bean), Lepidium meyenii powder* (Maca), coconut oil*, natural vanilla extract, xanthan gum, sea salt.

*Ingredients certified organic.


Recommended use

Enjoy with water or tea, between meals, pre/post workout, or with one of our guided meditations.

Effects and results may vary between individuals. All Dr Zeltser Products are 100% natural and completely plant based. This product should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Small batch

6 truffles per box


Dr Zeltser highly recommends to take advantage of the functional nature of the bio-active ingredients by adding these to your breakfast cereal, transforming it into functional rocket fuel. 


Allergen advice: Contains tree nuts.

Store in cool, dark, dry place away from sunlight.


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