Gut Health & Wellbeing to Enhance Physical and Mental Performance

Gut Health & Wellbeing to Enhance Physical and Mental Performance

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Please contact us prior to booking so that we can customise this workshop to suit the needs of you and your team, including pricing.

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Brain Fog, Bloating, and Fatigue – the one commonality? The gut.

Join us to obtain science-backed, yet easy to implement, techniques to enhance health, improve mood, clear brain fog, and improve your physical and mental performance through the gut.

  • 5 minute Wellness Hack
  • Gut Health and Brain Overview
  • Easy Gut Friendly Nutrition
  • Tastings

Includes gut-friendly refreshments to continue your afternoon pleasantly and productively.

Wellness by Dr Zeltser is a boutique Wellness Consultancy set up by Dr Viktor Zeltser to enable individuals and organisations to create the best possible circumstances to bring out their best using science-backed products and bespoke techniques.
Over decades and research, Dr Zeltser has found that the ultimate state for producing the best possible results in any workplace, role, or negotiation, is to be calm, focused, yet energised, and in a positive frame of mind.

All products and services have been formulated together with a panel of experts to produce the greatest benefit with the least amount of time and effort to achieve this optimal state.

Join us to access the best of science and yourself.


Sessions range from 45 minutes, 90 minutes, to 3 hours +

Please note, sessions must be booked min. 4 weeks in advance to ensure all materials are available to run this in-person Masterclass.

Pricing Options and Booking Dates available will be confirmed with you via email. No Payment Charges will apply until you confirm your booking.

Otherwise, feel free to contact us here


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