RESILIENCE - Returning After COVID19

The power of life!
When there is seemingly nowhere to go or you have no idea where to go to from here, there is always a way which presents itself for you to keep on going, grow, push through this, and even... thrive. 

Given the right state of being, you really can handle any situation that life throws your way, including this one.

Here is what you can do to bounce back, because even after a global pandemic, life continues and you can make the most of it.


1. News Break 
While it is important to keep up to date with the news, particularly relating to local rules/regulations, taking a break to shift your focus towards good news and positive events can drastically change how you may be feeling.

2. Luxury. Every. Day.
Life's luxuries are not necessarily those that are expensive or opulent. It is just that little extra something that you find enjoyable and that makes a difference to your day. Something to look forward to. It could be something as simple as the scent of a flower, a drop of scented oil, a cup of your favourite beverage, a small piece of dark chocolate, a leisurely walk, that little thing which you really enjoy.

3. Thanks
Taking a moment to think or even note what and/or who it is in your life that you are truly grateful for, those who you love, who love you, little daily modern life standards such as running water, electricity, phones, and even just the most simple things such as breathing, can also shift your focus to all the good that is in your life right now. Anything or anyone in your life you can think of that you'd greatly miss if gone all of a sudden, are the ones you can truly be happy to have right now in your life.

4. Stay in touch with Family and Friends
It's common to wonder why we’re the only ones feeling this way, and what exactly is wrong with us. In these situations, recognising that everyone suffers can be a much gentler and more effective road to healing. Reaching out to family and friends and relating to them can help by bringing warmth and familiarity to life. Getting it all off your chest, listening to others, sharing your experiences and laughs can make all the difference to how you are feeling.

5. Focus on your physical health
Yes, we've heard it all before, but the following can change how you feel and bring back that positivity we all really need:
- proper night's sleep
- nourishing, healthy, delicious food
- plenty of water/tea throughout the day 
- movement, which could be online exercise classes, yoga, and dance (any dance you like to any music you want... like nobody's watching).

6. Find time to Relax
For even just five minutes, or however much time you can spare, taking a moment for yourself can lead to hours of efficient, productive work. Relaxation time to:
- read a book
- have a power-nap (don’t forget to set your timer)
- roll your shoulders, do some stretching, loosen your jaw
- practice mindful breathing, just focusing on the breath, as while negative thoughts can draw us in, the breath is an anchor we can hold onto at any time.
- practice meditation or follow a guided meditation
- sing out loud or hum to express how you're feeling right now, as the physical vibrations from the sound help to let go and not hold onto things.

7. Mindfulness and Meditation
The gurus like to remind us, our most painful thoughts are usually about the past or the future: We regret and think over and over the things that went wrong, or we get anxious about things that could or will go wrong. When we pause and bring our attention to the present, we often find that things are…okay.
There are many different mindfulness and meditation techniques. Practising any form of mindfulness brings us more and more into the present, and it offers techniques for dealing with negative emotions when they arise. That way, instead of getting carried away into or overwhelmed by fear, anger, or worry, we can work through them more deliberately. Feel free to try out our Free 5 Minute Meditation here

8. Create a Plan
Think of what it is you want, how to achieve this, and set up a weekly/daily routine to get yourself there. This may be an idea for a new business which you’d like to start up, or perhaps a new skill such as time management, art, public speaking.

No matter your goal(s), having a realistic plan of how to get there, including the every-day baby steps, or even a schedule, can bring certainty to life as well as a sense of achievement when you tick those things off as you go along. However, be realistic, and if something comes up which prevents you from ticking something off on a particular day/week, do not dwell, look forwards and move on with what it is you need to do.

9. More help
Help is always there if needed. If you or someone you know needs further emotional support, there are people you can talk to. Talk with a trained counsellor or send a message to someone you trust.

Coronavirus Healthline ph: 1800 512 348
Lifeline ph: 13 11 14
Kids Helpline ph: 1800 55 1800
Or visit for more assistance.