Top 5 Tips To Maintain Mental Energy And Motivation Throughout The Day

Banish the morning and afternoon slumps by nurturing your body and mind following these 5 tips

Do you often feel sluggish and demotivated to do anything past the early hours in the morning or mid-afternoon?  It is probably because your body and mind need refuelling, or you are in a mental rut.

Many people happen to feel that way, and with a change in your habits you can quickly get out of that lethargic state: 

Increase Your Heart Rate 

Cardio and any other form of exercise that increases your heart rate can boost your energy levels, motivation, and put you in a good mood.

If you are not a fan of sweating and high-intensive workouts, try meditating. Daily meditation has been linked to reducing stress, and increasing enthusiasm in the workplace.

Daily exercise and meditation

Avoid Sugary Products

Too much sugar in your diet can cause drops in energy levels and along with other side-effects such as increased anxiety. Even though you might be feeling energetic right after eating something that contains large amounts of sugar, that energy is misleading, and you will quickly get out of it.   

Instead of reaching out to the nearest sugary snack, choose to fill your energy levels by taking Electuaries.

Electuaries are natural, sugar-free sweets that increase your mental stamina, focus and lower the anxiety levels. They are packed with nutrients and satiate your hunger for longer periods without the sugar or caffeine crash.

Pro tip: If you are looking to increase your motivation and energy levels during the whole day, try adding the 100% plant-based Dr Zeltser’s Electuraries in your diet.  

Dr Zeltser Electuaries

Get Some Fresh Air

Your mental and physical health can deteriorate if you spend too much time working on your computer without taking any breaks. According to studies, emotional distress follows us when we don’t get enough fresh air and sunshine.

So next time you are feeling lethargic and demotivated, try going out for a bit to clear your mind.

Fresh air

Change Your Environment

The reason why you might be feeling tired and demotivated, might not be because your body needs refuelling,  but because you are in a desperate need to change your working environment. If you are sitting the whole day, every day on the same spot, you might be

If you work remotely, then you can be flexible in your working environment. Next time, go to a quiet outdoor space and work from there, or even change something in your home office – even the slightest changes can inspire you.

If you are working in an office, think about decorating your desk or try adding some colour to it - it will surely shift things a bit.

your environment

Lower Your Caffeine Intake

Before you say anything, we don’t mean that you should never drink coffee again but to lower the quantity. Coffee has many health benefits and for many of us – it is the only thing that wakes up in the morning.

However, drinking too much coffee in the morning can lead to increased fatigue and lower productivity levels during the caffeine crash.

Too much caffeine


The bottom line is that there are many reasons to why you might be feeling slump during the day, but fuelling your body and mind with nutrients and making healthier choices will banish it away.


Look after yourselves and those around you.


The Team from Wellness by Dr Zeltser

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