One Day or Day One? Our top 3 tips on goal planning for 2022

Day One or One Day Dr Zeltser

What does goal planning for 2022 look like?

2021 is finally coming to an end.

When we think of the beginning of a new year, we think resolutions. We ask ourselves questions like ‘how can we be better?’ ‘how can we improve who we are and what we do for ourselves AND those around us?’

For many, a new year is a blank canvas, an opportunity to start afresh and meet those goals they’ve had on their mind for a while. It’s the perfect motivator, which is exactly why people tend to get stuff done in the first few months of each year. That is, until the excitement of a brand-new start dies down and procrastination kicks in.

We all set goals in life, but not all of us manage to meet them, in fact, most of us say ‘I’ll start another day” or “I’ll make it my new year’s resolution,” instead of committing to them.

So, here are our 3 top tips on setting goals and making them happen in 2022:

Because it’s time to leave ‘one day’ behind and start saying, ‘here’s to day one.’

Be realistic – When it comes to goal setting one thing is crucial, and that is incentive. You need to be able to wake up in the morning knowing your dream is attainable and that the path you’re walking on is the right one. It’s always a good idea to think big and to aim high, it’s just about being realistic with the scale of your aspirations.

So, start small. Think about the smaller things in your life that you’d like to change or improve like eating cleaner, improving mindfulness or simply waking up earlier in the morning. Use realistic, small goals to propel you onto the bigger ones.

As many experts suggest, people often overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 3 years. That’s why starting small is so valuable. When you meet a goal, there’s no feeling like it! So, meet multiple, meet every small goal that will help shape you into a better version of yourself. Then, focus outwards. How can you bring those bigger dreams to life, knowing what you know now after growing and learning through small steps?

Reflect – Don’t be afraid to use your past mistakes, defeats and losses as springboards for action. Being able to reflect is a fantastic way to understand more about who we are, what we need to achieve personal success and the best routes to get there.

Find your focus  – Regardless of what distractions are out there, find and remember what it is you want and just focus your efforts on getting there. Studies have suggested that being in a calm, content, yet focused state is the optimal position to be in to enable you to focus and reach the best possible outcome in any situation.

Here at Dr Zeltser, encouraging and assisting in achieving this state is one of our most important objectives. By staying committed and dedicated to our passions, anything is possible. If your journey is longer than others’ it really doesn't matter. Looking at others only distracts you from what YOU are doing and what YOU have set out to achieve. Focus on your situation and yours only, for you.

2022 is just around the corner. So, it’s time to get planning, get organized and start grinding towards growth, wellness and most importantly happiness.
Are you ready?

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