Impact of Hydration on Mood and Performance



We are almost through the Winter! But as we wait for Spring to bloom, most of us are still using the heater and reaching for those warm comfort foods, particularly baked goods.


Have you noticed lately that over the winter months your hair & skin is a little drier, nails brittle, and/or perhaps you feel a little ‘over it’, sluggish, or irritable?


Cold weather makes it easy to forget (or not want) to drink water and either swap out drinking water for warmer, more calorific substitutes (hello chai latte) OR stop drinking anything and go for food instead.


Temperature has a great deal of influence on us carrying this habit, which is a contributing reason as to why we generally gain weight over winter and end up with drier hair and skin.

On average the adult human body is composed of approximately 45-70+ percent water.



Not having enough results in poorer bodily functions and can cause irritability, worsened concentration, and greater stress.


Although most people are aware of this, most of us still somehow discount it. Perhaps because it’s one of the most obvious factors in our health?


Let’s explore this further.



Cognitive Function

Studies have shown that cognitive function declines at mild water loss of around 2% body water lost, leading to poorer concentration, short term memory difficulty, increased reaction times, and irritability. Symptoms also include fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating, and confusion.


Can you recall a time you felt this way at your workplace?



Dehydration, like hunger, can affect mood. Often we confuse the two, and on this note we suggest reaching for your drink bottle before that snack!

Even mild dehydration can contribute to fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, sadness, and difficulty thinking clearly. Dehydration disrupts the delicate dopamine and serotonin balances in the brain, natural substances that can enhance or affect depression and anxiety, consequently affecting work performance.


The results of another study indicated that those who increased their daily water intake experienced better mood and lower fatigue.



Brain overload? You may need to get a glass of water.


In other words, drinking water and staying hydrated contributes to a more emotionally stable, productive, and healthier you and work environment.


Water Improves Concentration

It may not be vitamins or supplements you need. If you’re feeling tired or unable to concentrate after just a couple of hours at work, you may be dehydrated and not know it. Without water, nutrients, including those we get from supplements and vitamins, get carried at a slower rate due to a decrease in blood volume.

EASY FIX is drinking even half a glass of water. It’s effective in a matter of minutes and you’ll find your concentration levels will increase .


Water Decreases Stress

Dehydration can cause your blood vessels to constrict, leading you to feel increasingly agitated. Thus, the likelihood of sabotaging a task rather than completing it, or lashing out at the ‘loud talker’ near your work area is significantly greater. Drinking water, however, promotes the removal of toxins, some of which are responsible for increased stress levels, thereby reducing your stress levels.


Water Improves Mood

Irritability is a frequent symptom of dehydration and can quickly put you in a bad mood because you are simply thirsty. When your body is adequately hydrated and healthy, you are more likely to feel better, making you less irritable.


If you’d like to find out more or would like to get an idea of how much water is the right amount for you, feel free to check out the links below.

Please note, we are in no way affiliated with any of these organisations, nor was this written for paid promotional activity. Rather, we find these links helpful and perhaps they will be helpful tools for you as well.

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