Cacao – Creativity, Brain Function, Athletic Performance, Euphoria.

We have all heard of Chocolate and we LOVE it. It’s tasty and it makes us feel good – and this feeling is not just because of the sugar.

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 Cacao Fruit

Have you heard of Cacao?

Cacao, the Exotic and Potent Mother of Chocolate.

A peculiar tree which lives in tropical climates all along the equator, and whose fruit (known as the cacao fruit) grows out of the flower along the trunk of the tree. Coming in shades of red, orange and yellow exterior, the fruit inside is white and mucilaginous, covering a large seed, the cacao bean. 

It originated in the Amazon and was first discovered by the Ancient Meso-American People. It was first eaten as a fruit, which was also used to make an alcoholic beverage. You can still find Cacao Fruit Juice if you visit Central or South America.

The seed is purple coloured and extremely bitter! Sacrificial CacaoBut during ancient times this became a valuable commodity, being traded as currency and hailed for its god-like effects on the human state. It was fermented, dried, and ground finely to create a paste that was then used to make a frothy, potent drink – Cacao for Royalty and Religious Ceremonies, including human sacrifice. The subject chosen would be treated as royalty for a year and then prior to the sacrifice would be given a dose of Cacao to drink to become euphoric and perform a special dance.

But nowadays there is no need for such sacrifices and you can just enjoy the effects of this amazing plant. Containing high doses of theobromine, which has a milder effect than caffeine, supporting cognition, lowering blood pressure, enhancing lung function, and improving sleep quality. It can also be found in in smaller doses in tea and kola nut.


In other words, Theobroma Cacao, or Cacao, is known to boost energy levels, improve cardio athletic performance, and improve brain function – particularly creativity, as it improves the blood flow to the brain. Many say after consuming, that they experience an immense feeling of happiness, elation, or indeed euphoria. Perfect for when you are about to party!


So how do you prepare it?


1.       Similar to wine or coffee, cacao varies in taste depending on where it was grown. So you will need to find the one that tastes best for you.

You can either purchase Cacao Beans or Nibs at your local Health Food Store and then grind them up into paste yourself, or you purchase it in powder form. Note: the fresher the beans and the less processed they are, the more potent you’ll find the effect – then again, this same principal goes for all foods.


2.       Then you can add a sweetener and any other spices you wish – cayenne pepper is highly recommended, as this will expedite the effects into the bloodstream.


3.        Mix this into the paste or powder.


4.       Put some of the mixture into a large cup. Each person’s taste varies, so the more you add the stronger in taste it will be. If you’re unsure, start with a tablespoon.

5.       Pour water (hot or cold) over the mixture to fill your cup. If the mixture does not disperse by itself, please stir it until it is well dispersed.

6.       Taste it. Adjust it if need be with more water, or more sweetener to your taste and just enjoy.

Cacao Drink


Best had after practicing mindfulness, as in a calm relaxed state you will get far more out of it. Adding your own little ritual, just like the ancient peoples had theirs, only adds more benefits to the experience.

Want to experience the highs of both making it and enjoying it?

We will be running a Cacao High Workshop in March 2021, both in person and Online, where you will get to experience Cacao in all its glory. Event Link Here


It is always a pleasure to hear about other’s experiences, and sharing is caring so please do leave a comment!


Look after yourself and those around you.

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