Assemble Your Adaptogenic Avengers

Botanicals are in essence nature’s pharmacy, and this makes them an incredible addition to your diet and your medicine cabinet, if you’re seeking a more sustainable and holistic way to take care of yourself and your family.

A botanical extract is made from a plant’s roots, bark, leaves or flowers. They are processed to ensure that you get the most bang for your botanical in terms of natural goodness and contain very few, if any additives. This means you aren’t scratching your head trying to read a list of ingredients that sounds more like a chemistry test than a food product. 

botanicals as part of a healthy lifestyle

Better still, they can be used as part of a preventative approach to health and wellness by allowing us to identify condition specific products which provide long-term benefits and reduce risk factors.

A few of our favourite active botanicals are Maca, Cacao, Ashwagandha, Suma root, Mucuna and Matcha. 
Some of these you may already be familiar with, and some may be complete newbies, but the purpose of this article is to introduce you to the benefits of these botanicals and explain how you can incorporate them into your diet and your lifestyle.

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a testing year for us all, in a variety of different ways. If your wellness has been put on the backburner recently, then it might be the right time to explore the power of plants. To nourish your mind and body with natures superheroes, think of it as assembling your adaptogenic avengers.

Adaptogens are herbs and plants the support our bodies response to stress, they do this in a variety of incredible ways including reducing feelings of anxiety, enabling us to feel energized whilst promoting balance, enhancing sleep quality and aiding in concentration and focus. I wasn’t lying when I said they were superheroes!
botanicals as part of a healthy lifestyle

Now whilst you could go out and raid the shelves of your local health store for  supplements to get your botanical benefits, it is far more enjoyable and tastier to add them to every-day food and drinks. For example, if time is a factor why not try an adaptogenic coffee or tea in the morning. Maca, Cacao and Ashwagandha are all fantastic ingredients for a blissful botanical coffee that becomes your very own morning medicinal mocha. The traditional use of Matcha and Suma root powder are in tea, but if you’re searching for a cooler beverage why not try a Suma root and Matcha smoothie. 

Whilst botanicals may feel like the latest buzzword, their unique properties and array of health and wellness benefits have long been celebrated by cultures across the globe. 2020 was the year of coming back to basics, which makes it the perfect time to look towards nature in order to nurture your health and wellness.

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